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    Small Business Booster

    Small business booster

    If you are a small business and looking to capture local web traffic we can offer a new business booster package. It will be tailored to suit your needs after consultation but will result in increased traffic and enquiries from your website.

    Booster level 1 = £100
    Booster level 2 = £200
    Booster level 3 = £300

    We would then recommend continuing the SEO efforts each month for £25 per month to maintain your boosted positions. Without this they will start to tail off requiring that you start over again in 6 months time or so.

    The small business booster package varies according to your aims and present SEO. Generally it will include the following aspects:

    • A first tier of links on websites with a high authority and good reputation.
    • Then we increase the rank of the first tier by adding two types of links to these, namely socialmedia such as bookmarks, mentions, tweets and with  in-bound links.
    • A third wave of links will be obtained from forums, blogs, blog comments and profile pages which boost the second tier of links and reinforce the value of the first tier.
      We will typically achieve 20-50 tier one links, 100-200 tier two links and 500-1000 tier 3 links. (levels 2 & 3 are double the respective previous package in size). We are very fussy over link quality and will ensure that the linking text looks perfectly natural so it doesn’t raise any flags with the search engines.
    • If you are a local business and want to target the local area we will include some listings in local directories as well.

    Do not confuse these packages with the low quality links available from various online networks. We have proven that you are wasting your time gaining low quality in-bound links. Focus on quality and natural looking link building for the best results.