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    Guest Blog Posts

    High Authority Guest Blog Posts

    We will negotiate with real webmasters and our industry contacts to get a high quality article written and include a link to your site or chosen page.

    NB: Discounts are available for orders of 5 or 10 of the same DA band of site.

    The articles will contain co-citations to other sites to ensure they look natural to the search engines. This will give your site added credibility and as the links are placed on real sites, not spam advertising sites, they will act as doorway pages to your main site.

    The minimum DA (Domain Authority) of the site quoted below and price per link/mention
    DA10+ website guest posts £100
    DA20+ website guest posts £150
    DA30+ website guest posts £200
    DA40+ website guest posts £400

    We can also offer extremely high quality links on premium news sites, subject to you having a suitably newsworthy/information rich page – Includes (Forbes, Lifehack, Huffington, Papermag etc..) POA

    Discounts for 5 of these 10% and 12.5% for 10. Guest blog posts can take around 8 weeks to be placed due to having to negotiate these with webmasters and agree on the article content with them. We strongly recommend at least 2 high authority links on a newly launched site.

    These links are generally very hard to obtain but we have built many contacts over our 17+ years and can get links on sites that others can’t.

    Just ten DA30+ links were used to boost the following site in September and November, along with our homepage link packages. This shows a proven result with a fantastic return on investment. (Bear in mind this site is in a very competitive industry and we had assumed we had already hit a saturation point.)


    Does SEO really work?

    Yes it does if you know search engines like we do and have a proven methodology. Bad SEO is generally a waste of money and could potentially adversely effect your rankings in extreme cases.

    Most SEO campaigns fail because they are not followed through on. People give up early assuming it’s not working because they have not seen any extra traffic!

    We have seen many sites that have spent money on SEO to push their keywords to positions 20-30 but then give up. The second and third search engine page is simply not high enough to bring in traffic.

    With just a little more investment and a couple more months of link building you would see keywords in the top 10 positions and lots of nicely converting high quality traffic.

    It’s a bit like running a marathon and giving up at the end just before you see the finish line! We will provide a report showing your gains and these reports help us determine where best to focus our SEO efforts. You want the best results in the shortest time at the lowest cost possible.

    Every SEO campaign we have done has seen higher search engine positions for keywords. Monthly campaigns really maximise your return on investment.