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    Press Release Writing and Distribution

    Press releases: writing and distribution

    A press release gives your company a wide exposure and is a great way to pick up good quality links from editorial sources that carry credibility. (More links gives your site more importance in the eyes of the search engines!)

    If your press release is picked up by a major news outlet it could go viral and result in a massive traffic boost.

    Press releases must be written in particular style and have newsworthy content. Submissions that fail to reach the accepted standards will be rejected by the press release agencies. We can help you find suitable subject material and compose the text for you.

    Subjects for a press release can include the launch of a new business or product, events hosted or sponsored by your business, trends in your business sector and interesting projects. We can write a newsworthy press release for pretty much every business or organisation around.

    A single press release, including writing and distribution across major news outlets across the web is £200. 

    We can also arrange, for a small increased cost, a higher exposure or include video, sound and images, or specifically target other English speaking areas namely the UK, Canada and USA.