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    Hosting and Email

    Our web hosting servers are commercial grade. This ensures reliability and uptime. We also only use UK data centres for speed and ease of maintenance.

    We are keen to minimise our carbon footprint.  We use low carbon/green data centers where possible and make the most efficient use of resources available specifying energy efficient processors, hard drives and servers.

    Email facilities are also included in our hosting packages, with full telephone and technical support.

    Should your mail server get reputation issues, we will investigate the cause of the problem and restore your reputation. We strongly recommend that our clients use a good quality, current and updated anti virus program.

    Most of our sites can come with an optional SSL security certificate to encrypt all traffic to and from the website. (https is used instead of http to access these sites).

    With security becoming a factor search engines take into account and your clients deserving a reassurance that your site is safe, an SSL certificate should be a priority.


    Our dedicated server options are used for high traffic sites with redundancy and back up servers available. SSD drives are also an option should speed or server load ever become an issue. Some of our sites happily serve in excess of 10,000 page views per day which has required us to focus on performance and resilience when configuring a server.

    If your site is frequently updated we recommend a backup option to maintain integrity should a server ever fail or go down. (It’s not happened yet.)

    We also patch update and secure the servers on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary downtime and to close any vulnerabilities that arise.

    Please note that we do not generally offer web hosting in isolation, unless we can verify and fully audit your website code and databases for security, and performance.