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    SEO Factors

    SEO for businesses in Kent

    If you have an online presence then why not get as many people as possible to see it and learn about your business or services not just those in Kent. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and requires a full website audit and review.

    We avoid dubious SEO practices often referred to as black hat. The key with any optimisation for search engines is to make it look completely natural.

    This usually requires that one takes time, rather than doing it all at once. Gaining 1000 new links in a week certainly looks suspicious and changing every page on your website repeatedly and in quick succession also raises the flags of suspicion.

    What if you’ve had some bad SEO done and you feel that your site is suffering from it? We can undo any damage done, primarily by focusing on gaining new high quality links.

    Every site out there attracts bad links from time to time. In our experience there are very few penalties for the majority of bad links, instead these are just ignored.


    SEO – onsite factors

    There are a large number of factors that search engines use to identify which pages relate best to their users queries.

    The primary driver is now the content, how it is laid out and which topics or questions it answers.

    In the past obvious factors include the repetition of keywords and key phrases in your page content but this is no longer as relevant, but you still need to mention the keywords you want to target and include related synonyms.

    The density of these are critical to your success and with our experience we have a good feel for what works best.

    We now focus on keyword themes rather than keywords. Repeating a keyword too much can often raise flags and weaken the page in the search results.

    Text needs to strike the balance between being informative and easy to read for site visitors and sending clear signals to the search engines. Search engines may bring traffic to your site, but the site content must still make a compelling sales pitch for the traffic to convert into sales.

    Other factors in your site include your page navigation, internal linking between your site pages, the use of headings and “meta” tags.

    SEO – off site factors

    Just as critical to your search engine ranking are factors that are off site. In it’s simplest form, the more links you get to your site the more  important it will appear and the higher the position will be.

    The quality of the pages and theme of the site is now taken into account, so ideally a link needs to come from a page on a similar theme to your site and the fewer outbound links on this page the better it will be.

    Links seem to perform better when they share a page with links to other high quality pages, in fact a single link on a page to your site on 20 sites can look rather suspicious.

    We have a wide selection of link sources to utilise creating a wide spread of good quality links to your site.

    Link building needs to look natural so should be a monthly commitment and you need to vary the link anchor rather than make all the link text the same for your chosen keyword.