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    Professional English copy writers in Kent

    Copywriting. The Art of Writing Text that Sells.

    What is Copywriting?

    Copywriting refers to composing text for advertising or other sales materials. The text produced is known as copy.

    It shouldn’t be confused with copyrighting which involves protecting the legal rights of a product’s creator.

    Why Does My Website Need Copywriting?

    Many websites have text that conveys information but fails to sell. The difference between standard text and copy is the aim of the text. Copywriters never forget that their goal is to sell.

    After rewriting copy for our clients sites we have seen conversions and enquiries increase by 40% or more. Our experience shows that small changes, like a call to action and motivational copy, make dramatic improvements.

    Even if a website is for a charity and is offering free services it still needs to sell itself.

    Why Shouldn’t I Write My Own Website Text?

    When we are familiar with a topic we tend to ignore the basic questions an outsider would ask. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using acronyms and jargon that leave the general public baffled.

    Another danger is that we simply bore website visitors with too much detail. Writing good website text is as much about what is edited out as it is about what is written.

    A copywriter brings a fresh eye to the subject and can pitch your website text at the right level for your website visitors.


    Keeping the Search Engines Happy

    Writing text for websites requires a balance between meeting the needs of visitors and the search engines. Well written, useful copy is always rewarded as search engines look at user experience.

    Search engines don’t read text in the way a human does. They look for the theme of a page based on how often related terms are used. These keywords help the search engine determine the theme of a page.

    For example, this page uses the terms writing, copywriting, websites and text quite frequently. Search engines such as Google will realise that the page is about writing text for websites.