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    Domain Registrations

    We can offer a full selection of domain names to register.

    We would strongly advise you to think carefully about your chosen domain name as unusual results can happen when the words combine.

    Top Domain registration failures:

    • Pen Island – Penisland.net
    • Power Gen Italia – Powergenitalia.com
    • Partners Talking – Partnerstalking.com
    • Childrens Wear – Childrenswear.com
    • IHA Vegas – Ihavegas.com

    As you can see it is quite easy to create totally unexpected results when choosing a domain name, adding a hyphen can help mitigate this problem.

    Keep the domain name short and easy to remember. Choose a name that will not be confused with another brand or website.

    If you are based in the UK then a .uk Suffix makes sense, if you have international aspirations then a .com or other top level domain will have wider appeal.

    You can protect your brand by registering similar domain names or other top level Suffix versions and have all of these pointing at your primary website.

    Beware of CHEAP/FREE domain name registration offers. You are often locked into a hosting contract and will be charged to move the domain to another provider. Most cheap deals are for one year only with fees that rocket after this when you are locked in to a contract.

    You have first right to renew a domain at registration renewal time. Failure to renew a domain will usually means someone else will snap it up when it becomes available again for registration.